Month: October 2020

What Does A Caterer Do?

Are you getting married, hosting a company party or organizing an event? Then there is a good chance that you are using a catering service: but what exactly does a caterer do? Catering is an English word and means the provision of catering or meals. In practice, it means that a caterer prepares and delivers the food for weddings, parties and events, among other things. By calling in a caterer you will be relieved of a lot of work.


All you have to do with catering service is to make your wishes known. Of course about the menu choice, but also whether the caterer only delivers the food or takes care of the preparation of the food on location. This depends on your assignment. Suppose you want to organize a company lunch with sandwiches, the caterer will often prepare it entirely in your own kitchen. The sandwiches are then only delivered to you. For example, if you are organizing a buffet or dinner, the caterer will largely take care of the preparation at your location.


Many people choose a caterer because of the carefree convenience. Everything is arranged for you so that you can enjoy your party or event yourself. In addition, the quality is also a reason to choose a catering service. A caterer has extensive knowledge about nutrition and knows better than anyone how to combine this knowledge with your specific wishes and needs. Each assignment requires its own approach, with a caterer always providing carefree and tasty convenience.

When to hire a caterer?

In fact, you can hire a caterer (or catering company) for any occasion, such as a wedding, birthday, or other (company) party. A catering company can save you a lot of time. A caterer can deliver or provide various meals and snacks, such as snacks and snacks, buffets, catering for a wedding, company catering, barbecue, or (business) lunches. The caterer charges a different price for each type of catering. You often put together a menu together with the catering company or you indicate a preference for a kitchen. The caterer can also arrange everything and ensure that you can enjoy your party carefree.


A caterer can be hired for many different occasions, such as a large wedding with a complete catering or a pleasant evening with friends where a cook comes to your house. A caterer can therefore be hired from 2 persons. But more often (large) groups will hire catering to cater their event. This can vary from 20 people to a company party for 1000+ people.

What Does Catering Cost?

A catering service can take a lot of work off your hands during both large-scale and small-scale parties and events. This allows you to enjoy yourself carefree. So every reason to choose a catering service, but what does catering cost? This of course depends on the size of the catering you want. In addition, the menu choice itself also has an influence. On average, the hourly rate of a caterer is between $ 30 and $ 50. However, it is advisable to always request quotes from 3 or 4 caterers, so that you can compare well.


Examples of occasions for which people turn to catering services are birthday parties, weddings and events. In addition, caterers are often called upon for company lunches or snacks and snacks with a drink. Needless to say, you pay different catering rates for this. For example, the average costs for wedding catering are between a minimum of $ 250 and a maximum of $ 1000. For a finger food and bitter garnish you pay on average at least $ 100 and a maximum of $ 180.


The costs for a caterer are made up of various components. The largest part of the catering costs consists of the working hours of the caterer. Then come the costs for the material. Most caterers also charge a call-out fee. This is of course the smallest part of the cost structure. Your specific wishes and needs also have an influence. That is why most caterers first discuss your wishes and then issue a tailor-made offer. It is wise to request multiple quotes so that you can make the right choice. We have already listed the best catering companies in your region for you. Within one minute you can safely and easily request 4 quotations from the caterers that appeal to you.

What does catering for a wedding cost?

Many people throw a wedding party when they get married using a catering service. But what does catering for a wedding cost? This of course depends on how many guests you invite, but also on your specific wishes and needs. Think of the menu choice, for example. On average, you pay a minimum of $ 250 and a maximum of $ 1000 for wedding catering. It is wise to request quotes from different caterers so that you can see if this fits into your wedding budget.


Usually the bride-to-be draws up a budget, so that they – or the master of ceremonies – can proceed to request quotes and see whether the quotes match the budget. By drawing up the wedding budget, the approximate cost of the catering has been determined in advance. For both the bridal couple and the caterer, it is nice to know what the budget is. The choice that you as a bridal couple make for the catering is whether you offer an extensive dinner, a buffet or, for example, only snacks and snacks. Whatever your choice, the caterer will present you with various options for the implementation of the catering.


You don’t get married just like that. That is why a wedding date is often set well in advance. In the months leading up to your wedding, you can get involved in all kinds of fun preparations for the big day itself. Including the catering. For example, many caterers offer you the opportunity to taste your catering preferences in advance. We recommend that you make use of this, as well as requesting 3 to 4 quotes from different catering companies.